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New tablet means new practice!

I got an Intuos Art Medium for my birthday! I got tired of the color problems that my Cintiq was having, so I was planning on buying either an Intuos Art Medium or an Intuos Pro Small/Medium. I was looking at them at Best Buy and my dad decided to buy it for me! (Thank you dad!) Along with the new tablet came my need for a new brush in Clip Studio Paint, so I made one and this is the result. Up at work I use one of the Intuos Pro’s and Photoshop; I use a flat layer, a Colors layer (didn’t use one here), a Shading layer, a Highlight layer, a Bounce Light layer, and maybe a Texture layer. I shade in purple and transparent and then pixel lock and color over with appropriate colors. I may or may not change it from normal layer. Here I am using a Multiply layer for shading and a Screen layer for Highlights and Bounce Light. The texture layer is basically the reds in the flush and ears. I would refine this more if I were doing something more than just testing new settings. Oh, and I love the Intuos Art Medium! Although I would prefer to be able to use my previous pen … ah well. Oh the second, I use “C” to toggle between primary color and transparent color (something that Photoshop needs to start using … hint hint …) Oh the third, since this tablet doesn’t take a video port, nor does it cover up my other video port, I can now work with my monitor, which has better colors! Yay!

Now to work on commissions!