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I was like “eeeh I don’t have time to stream tonight so I’ll just draw a quick comic”

And then I was like “oh yeah to do that comic I need to have babybones designs”

So I sketched these! I drew the skelebros in their current ages (I view Papyrus in his early 20s and Sans in his early/mid 30s if you’re wondering) and then as baby bones–little kid and teenager, respectively.

Sans was easy enough; I made him slightly shorter, gave him slightly bigger eyes, and got rid of the bags beneath his eyes. …Also baggy clothes and no shoes mainly as an excuse to draw clawed feet. I guess he’d probably prefer to wear slippers because tying shoes is too much of a hassle, but slippers can wear out pretty fast, so sometimes he’d just do without.

Papyrus was slightly more difficult–I kinda went back and forth as to whether or not to show the lines for his teeth, but ultimately decided to. He wears a striped shirt because all kids do, for some reason (maybe it’s popular fashion because the royal kids wore them?). Also baggy clothes and no shoes for him, mainly because he grows so dang fast that it’s easier to just get clothes that are too big for him that he’ll grow into. Shoes are even worse to find in the right size.

…Also tails because I like that headcanon okay. Not entirely sure why they’d hide them when they got older–maybe just keeping them out of the way or something.

It’s kindof hilarious looking at the baby bones ones compared to their adult counterparts because Sans never got all that tall while Papyrus just SHOT up. (It’d probably be even funnier to see Undyne like this though, given she’s even taller than Papyrus!)

…also I have no idea why adult!Papyrus is in such a dorky pose. I was kinda like ??? when I wound up drawing him but didn’t want to bother changing it because that wasn’t the focus anyway.

And… yeah I don’t have time to draw the comic now because I have to sleep. o/;; But I’ll sketch it out at some point!

Good things at the Fresno fair

Hello all! I haven’t been around here much, and I’m still busy working for Zappcon, but I have exciting news to share!



First place in beginner's class of pastels!

First place in beginner's class of  Oils!

Third place in beginner's class of oils!

I was so excited when I found out that I won! This is the first time I won a blue ribbon! It definitely was a pleasant feeling.

There was also many other fantastic art and things at the fair. I took a few pictures of them. I hope you enjoy them. I’ll credit the original artist as much as I can. Please don’t use their images other than viewing them here. I only want others to enjoy them, not that any infringement to take place. I credited the artist on for most of them. I didn’t get the artist for the Anna outfit or the Mario Quilt. I hope you enjoy them!