My Hat

My hat from the front

Some of you may have wondered why I call myself “The Man with the Hat,” or how it came about. Well, I’d never planned to come up with such a moniker, but as time went on, that’s what I picked up. Settle down for storytime kids, it’s time for grandpa to tell you the story of the hat.

I had always liked fedoras. Whether in style or not, it didn’t matter, I look good in them. But I didn’t start putting pins on my hat until after I made one of my most amazing friends. See, one time when I met up with him, he sported a fedora with pins in it. He had even created a fun story connecting every pin together (before you ask, he got the idea from a different friend). I liked that idea so much that decided to do it too (but I haven’t created a story like he did).

My hat from the right

However, that didn’t give my the title “The Man with the Hat.” It wasn’t until I went to college did I place more value on my hat. Being in college, especially as a freshman, made me cling to my hat as if it were my identity. I wore it constantly, even when I worked my job on landscaping. It kept the sun out of my eyes and controlled my hair. Well, that gained me and my hat exposure on campus.

My hat from the back

Of course, I wore it for everyday use too. I have made friends through it. You would not be surprised to know that people have  inspected my hat many times. I enjoy expressing my interests with my hat. If I may say this without being arrogant, I believed I was the first person on that particular campus to have such a loud fandom hat.

My hat from the right back side.

As time went on at college, when introducing myself I’d say that I was “The Man with the Hat.” Then it would click as to who I was. Interesting enough, since my arrival, I’ve seen a lot more pins around campus, although I still have the only fedora pinned hat.

My hat from the front side left

From all of this, I created my logo of my hat as a pin (look to the top left of my blog). With my logo, I went a simpler route than trying to add lots of pins. It keeps my logo cleaner looking. As to the amount of pins on my hat, I currently have 70+ pins, and I don’t plan on stopping. I get pins that I like, rather than collecting pins wherever I’ve been. Is this like wearing your heart on your sleeve? Wearing your fandom on your hat? Heh, I wonder if I’ll eventually gain so many pins, that I would have to get multiple hats dedicated to particular fandoms? If that happens, too bad I don’t have multiple heads to wear them all!

6 thoughts on “My Hat”

    1. Ha ha! It’s fun how signature things come about. Maybe you should make pins for your blog and give them to people! That could be cool and fun thing.

      1. I used to do that with my pro-life blog.. I still have tons of those, but they are very opinionated and a little blunt.. haha.. not really light hearted pin material, lol..

    2. You are lucky if he just handed them to you. We were there in September and my hsunabd had to answer Disney trivia question to get them. He did end up with full set. THEY ARE GREAT BUTTONS!

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