Ink Commission

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Super Smash Brother Characters
The characters in the center is the Mii of the client. Click the image for a larger view.


I took some pictures to show part of my process. Now, since I really like comic books, I had fun doing a traditional pen and ink drawing! I started in pencil on tracing paper, then transferred and refined the drawing on Bristol board.


Here’s a close up of the pencil.

Pencil close up

Still sketchy at this stage.
I continued to refine the pencil closer to my inking lines before actually inking.

Pencil and Ink

Only until after the ink was done (and DRY) I erased the lines. At this stage, it was only line work; there was no rendering (the filling in of extra pen lines) and little shadowing, I placed some of the shading areas in pencil, but inked the rest of the shadows at this stage as well as rendering clothing. Even though this was meant for pen, I did leave pencil in some areas for a contrasting fill shade (not very visible in the picture of the final piece). It would have been nice to use screen tone to fill in some areas, but since I had none, pencil was used instead.

Digital art is not the only media every artist works in now. Artists still use this traditional media, like Stan Sakai creator of Usagi Yojimbo. When using ink, attention to line and precise drawing determines the success of the art. Even fine textures can be achieved with ink if properly rendered. Ink is another wonderful option in art that I can use.

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