Remember, there’s not one way to draw things! You don’t have to draw it exactly like this , but you can apply certain things from this. This is just a little process we hope that might be useful to others out there! More to come, y’all!

Edit: Something else to keep in mind ! It’s something we see from other artists who put tutorials online and the result after they post it – When coming across a tutorial , taking the technique or the simplification of a process and carrying that over to your own way of drawing things is a lot more beneficial than copying the exact composition/subject matter/color pallet . If it’s for practice , that’s fine! But don’t let a tutorial direct ( or discourage) you in a way that isn’t your own unique way of drawing . If you’re in search of finding a style of your own , then finding helpful tutorials is a great way to expand your knowledge of techniques rather than doing exact copies of the actual art itself. 🙂 And just to add , we’re big fans of Evyind Earle! His technique of graphic simplification is something we’re learning ourselves as we try to apply the photoshop layers in a similar , simpler fashion. He’s a good artist to learn from , so hopefully this tutorial was helpful in deconstructing admirable aspects of some awesome work from different artists we enjoy! And if you did this tutorial , please let us know. We’d love to see what you did !

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